There has hardly been a kind of sports that Leni Riefenstahl did not devote herself to with passion. Already at the age of five, she learned to swim and had been a member of the swimmers' club »Nixe« where she won all the swimming competitions for children. The same happened in the gymnastics club where she had always been the best on all apparatus. Athletics, tennis, roller, ice-skating followed, and later climbing, skiing, horse riding, and at a great age of 72 she even started with diving. Meanwhile she had passed more than 2,000 diving runs and is probably the world's eldest woman diver. Many accidents, which required breaks for several months could not stop her enthusiasm - her yearning for living life physically had been stronger than a reasonable giving up.
When ever she is being asked which kind of sports she liked best, she always answers impulsively »climbing and diving«. She cannot climb any longer for too many bones are broken and pinned, but »diving« she says that is what I can do until the end of my life.

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